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GnoDarwin: A CASE tool for Software Architecture


GnoDarwin is a CASE tool for Software Architectue integrated in GNOME Desktop. It makes either top-down design or bottom-up design. It has a CORBA interface to dialoging with other applications like GdEditor. It has a code generation system that now only implements Darwin language.

GnoDarwin began in the year 1999 as a Project in Computer Science at the University of Valladolid by Josť Antonio Caminero Granja (me) and was supervised by Carlos Enrique Cuesta Quintero. Actually, it has the GNU license and is freezed until someone want relaunch it, or until I have enough time to work on it.

With this project, others like GdEditor, Coos, GtkGas or GnorbaHelper were developed, but now, are freezen also. Mainly, the unfinished project is GdEditor, because, the others do what they have to do. GdEditor, is the GnoDarwin Editor; it has a CORBA and a scheme inferfaces for using it as a server of edition, and it incorporates a powerful multidocument interface different from GNOME standard. GnoDarwin uses their instances to sending generated code, so it can be saved, reedited... later.

Project site

If you want more information about GnoDarwin, there is a project site where you can download the source code, read the last news, subscribe to mailing list...; this one is at http://sourceforge.net/project/gnodarwin .


You can download the source code of GnoDarwin and GdEditor at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=16303 .

Last news

You can see the last news of GnoDarwin and GdEditor at http://sourceforge.net/news/?group_id=16303 .


If you want contact directly with me, you can:


You can see how beautiful is GnoDarwin in the next screenshot with an Spanish internationalization:

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